MINTHUNTER adalah tempat kolektor diecast, lego, action figure, toys, komik, dll berkumpul, bertransaksi jual/beli/lelang, serta berbagi informasi.
Gratis! Pelajari caranya disini
Tentang Kita

We are just a bunch of people who love to collect something... just like you...collecting is our passion... 

We know what collectors need... and when hunting item at ebay... it is very costly and otherwise, auctioned your item at facebook is very hard and tricky... that's why we need An online auction specilized for collectors item and for now focused on Indonesian market.

If you have same passion with us...we encourage you to come and join with our dynamic team, just sent your resume and the reason why do you want to join us [email protected]


Jakarta, 2013

MH Team